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Zita Elze has gained international plaudits for her floral embroidery which has featured in countless press articles in print and on the web. These extraordinary gowns, adorned with fresh flowers, berries and other natural materials can be designed independently or in harmony with the bridal bouquet, accessories and venue decorations. Floral sashes, veils, bracelets, hair pieces, parasols and bags can complete the ensemble. Each item is carefully hand-made. The effect is always spellbinding. Zita Ezle Julian Winslow 2011 2532_wm The Launch Zita first introduced her ground-breaking floral embroidery designs at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show in 2009. Her display, the first of its kind, earned a coveted silver-gilt medal and had audiences gasping in wonder at its exquisite romantic beauty. Chelsea Flower Show now regularly features flower dresses by young florists and other professionals who have picked up on the trend. Zita Elze Chelsea Flower Show 2009 Reuters Couture Bridal Collection Since the initial launch in 2009, Zita has developed a full range of dresses, sashes, veils, circlets, hair-pieces, bags and jewellery, which she has called her Living Embroidery or Floral Embroidery Collection. Each item is unique and created especially for the bride according to her theme and colours. Zita’s latest couture bridal gown is based around the theme of Sleeping Beauty – the dress was unveiled at Brides The Show October 2014 where Zita won the Condé Nast Brides Editor’s Gold Design Award for her stand.

Zita Elze James Merrell-9925wm

Contact the shop to find out more. Read this lovely 2011 review and interview on the Love My Dress blog. You can also use the ‘search’ tab on the Home page to find more mentions or check the Living Embroidery category of the blog for news and references to different designs. Watch Zita and the team working on a living embroidery gown and other wedding preparations and visit the gallery below to see some past bridal and design projects.

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