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Zita Elze’s wedding designs are theatre at its purest – immaculately conceived, perfectly scripted, organised down to the finest detail, inspired, individual, heartfelt and always breathtakingly beautiful. Services range from the simplest – wedding flowers, bridal bouquets and buttonholes – through to venue decorations, tailor made living embroidery gowns and accessories and entire event concepts. The focus is on translating your dreams into a reality which you hadn’t quite fully imagined.

Awarded Best Wedding Florist of the Year 2012, Zita is renowned for going beyond the established rules, gently pushing the boundaries into an ethereal world of creativity. She loves working with brides who would like to take their wedding significantly above the standard, styling the perfect bouquet or floral headdress, devising magical settings or composing days filled with the kind of memories that will be etched in the memories of bride, groom, their families and guests forever.

The wedding team is friendly, approachable, meticulously professional, passionate about both detail and overall effect and above all dedicated to achieving perfection.

This is your celebration: “I love working closely with my brides, absorbing the mood and emotions they wish to convey, then recreating them with flowers and other decorative effects.” Zita Elze

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Find out more about specific wedding services and visit picture galleries via the dropdown menu above. See more wedding and bridal stories. Please contact us for further information and enquiries.

We also hire props for weddings and other events.


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