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Brazil: World Cup 2014

Brazil: World Cup 2014

Brazil: World Cup 2014 484 484 Zita Elze Flowers

Following a heated match, refereed by an Englishman, between Chile and Brazil yesterday and with a Mexican wave to Zita’s multi-cultural influences and Latin American roots, we’re posting a carnival coloured bouquet today – go Brazil!

ZitaElzeBrBBw_wm ZitaElzeMultiBrBBw_wmAs the nation celebrates its entry into the quarter final and with a large proportion of the globe focussed on Brazil and football, let’s pause to consider this fact: when 736 players return home after the World Cup, over 24,000 children will still be on the streets. Please take a minute to watch this film from UK registered charity ABC Trust and consider making a donation to support their crucial work with Brazil’s street kids.

Action for Brazil’s Children Trust: Football Film