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New Bespoke Bouquets

New Bespoke Bouquets

New Bespoke Bouquets 1000 1004 Zita Elze Flowers

We’re delighted to launch a new page featuring a handful of fabulous fresh bespoke bouquets for every occasion. Zita Elze flowers are renowned for their delicacy and lasting beauty and we’re looking forward to widening our customer base in the UK with this new service. We continue to celebrate the individual so if you’d like to discuss any other kind of floral arrangement or delivery further afield, please contact us.

The first collection of bespoke Zita Elze bouquets have been photographed by James Merrell.

Zita Elze Flowers AmethystPinkZita Elze Flowers Ivory-Raspberry-Blush Zita Elze Flowers Apricot