Valentine’s 2015

Valentine’s 2015

Valentine’s 2015 1183 788 Zita Elze Flowers

We’ve been holding off traditional red bouquets in favour of other colours, because Valentine’s Day needn’t be just one colour or indeed just one love. Why not treat your parents, grandparents, children, siblings, dearest friend or even yourself to the most fabulous fresh flowers? As the day draws closer we have succumbed to just a touch of crimson, scarlet, burgundy and raspberry in the shop… It turned into a dreamy tea party with Cakes By Krishanthi and pink champagne. The full story is on Strictly Weddings, photographed by Kate Nielen.

For those of you looking for the ultimate Valentine’s flowers, look no further than Zita Elze’s, whatever the colour. Contact us to order by phone or email.

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