Opulent Banquet at The Dorchester

Opulent Banquet at The Dorchester

Opulent Banquet at The Dorchester 1500 1000 Zita Elze Flowers

Finely tuned floral decorations can elevate stylish dining to an eminently regal banquet. See Zita Elze’s sumptuous arrangements in The Dorchester’s ballroom for Aashni & Co’s wedding show, brilliantly photographed by Julian Winslow.

Taking her cue from the spectacularly grand mirrored space, Zita blended voluptuous red Naomi roses with vibrant dashes of salmon pink genista interspersed with orchids. These vivid colours were offset by luscious greenery and sculptural cactus leaves. The luxuriant garland ran the full length of the table, illuminated by candles in gilt candelabra, with lush pedestal arrangements at either end. Gilt edged crystal glasses and hand decorated rose topped cakes (Cakes By Krishanthi) were laid on platters upon layers of gauzy golden cloth to complete the look.

Perfect for a grand dinner or the most romantic engagement, wedding or anniversary party.

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