Floral Couture

Floral Couture

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We’ve dipped into the Zita Elze archives to showcase some of her ground-breaking floral embroidery gowns, including her award-winning fresh flower dresses for Chelsea Flower Show and Brides The Show. Visit the Floral Embroidery page for more flower fashion including bags and shoes; master the technique at the Zita Elze Design Academy.

Pre-Raphaelite Dress with Ritva Westenius – International Bridal Design Fair 2010

Zita Elze Tamara Peel Ritva W 2010 dress 0370_wm

Chelsea Dress – Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Zita Ezle Julian Winslow 2011 2532_wm

Stipa Dress – Designer Wedding Show 2011

Zita Elze Julian Winslow Stipa 2011 113_wm

Spuma Dress – Designer Wedding Show 2011

Zita Elze Julian Winslow Spuma 2011 101 S_wm

Singapore Dress – Singapore Garden Festival 2012

Zita Elze Hiddeka 2012 0409_wm

Skeleton leaves skirt…

Zita Elze Hiddeka 2012 0717_S_wmM&G Garden Dress – Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Zita Elze FusionFlowersJuneJuly14wC

Zita Elze Flowers photo (4)The Organic Bride Dress – Brides the Show 2013

Zita Elze Organic Bride 2013 2_wm

Sleeping Beauty Dress – Brides the Show 2014

Zita Elze James Merrell 9856_wm

Zita Elze James Merrell 9769_S_wm