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Concept and Design: Bia Pedrini

Concept and Design: Bia Pedrini

Concept and Design: Bia Pedrini 750 1000 Zita Elze Flowers

Bia Pedrini from Brazil joined Zita’s special Concept and Design class in June. It culminated in a wedding project entitled ‘Make It Happen’, in Bia’s own words:

“Faça acontecer : )
O conceito do projeto de criação partiu da minha agenda pessoal onde eu queria estrair a partir de um objeto que fosse muito “eu “. Na agenda os meses do anos são individualizados por cores. Ao ficar olhando e pensando o que me atraía nela percebi que as cores eram o foco. Minha preferida  NUDE. Todo o conceito é escolhas de materiais dos suplats as flores partiram da cor escolhida NUDE. Nessa cor está escrito: Faça acontecer!
E aí está o meu design para uma table top de um wedding. Esta decor é o reflexo, espelha e que eu sinto Bia Pedrini”

Bia was also kind enough to share her images and a lovely comment about the Zita Elze Design Academy: ‬”It’s hard for me to describe when exactly my experience began and when it will end, but I definitely can say it was intense, fulfilling and amazingly enlightening. I’m definitely returning as a different person.” Bia Pedrini, ZEDA student 2015

“Bia was a very gifted student and we had a lovely journey together. Her final project development was particularly beautiful! I wish Bia much success with her business and I look forward to seeing her in Rio next time I’m there.” Zita Elze

Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 700_wm Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 702 s_wm Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 704 s_wm (2) Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 711 wm Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 719_wm Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 721_wm Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 723_wm Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 725_wm Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 799_wm (2) Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 820_wm Bia Pedrini-ZEDA 889_wm

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