4 Week Course: Judy Noble

4 Week Course: Judy Noble

4 Week Course: Judy Noble 1202 1800 Zita Elze Flowers

Judy Noble from Australia joined Zita for the 4 week design course in May and created some wonderfully vital and graceful floral displays in her final project, which we’re delighted to share, with thanks to Jang Sumin for the pictures.

“Working with Judy was so delightful, her enthusiasm was contagious. We had one to one classes before she was joined by a group of students for the 4 week course. She made the newcomers feel very at home and when she left we all felt a little sad, she is such an amazing lady! Her wedding project was very beautiful and reflects her personality so well. I will remember her every time I come across a Liberty print! Wishing you all the best in your future floral endeavours Judy.” Zita Elze, 2015.

“The 4 week course at Zita Elze Design Academy was AMAZING. Zita has opened my eyes to make me think in a very simple, special and exciting way about floral design. With her clear tuition in Concept and Design Zita empowered me to feel confident about wedding and event design – from the tiniest intricate wiring techniques and floral embroidery to her special natural hand tied bouquets and large arrangements. Being immersed in a month of Zita’s floral design concepts, techniques and practicalities has been a life-changing experience – thank you Zita and your team!

The inspiration for my final wedding project came from a Liberty print bow tie. We sourced some Liberty fabric and found a bright happy one which I used for some sewing. I focussed my mood board on the green, red, purple and cream in the material and picked lupins, aquilegia, purple sweet peas, red and white astrantia, berries, scabiosa pods, evergreen hydrangeas, hebe foliage and red roses to make the floral accessories including a circlet for the maid and a bicycle basket full of blooms. I used white astrantia and red dianthus for my pomanders and a deep red peony to top the red velvet cake. I learnt a lot in the process.” Judy Noble, May 2015

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