Romance at Barnsley

Romance at Barnsley

Romance at Barnsley 1000 1500 Zita Elze Flowers

Zita-Elze Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-002_wmZita’s latest special advanced wedding design masterclass took place last week. Following a couple of days of intense preparation at the Design Academy in Kew, Zita, students and co-organiser Daisy Bhang travelled to the idyllic Barnsley House in the Cotswolds to create the dreamiest of set ups for an imaginary wedding. Ceremony and reception areas were carefully installed in the historic country hotel’s gardens, which were designed by Rosemary Verey and feature a number of exceptionally beautiful backdrops, perfect for showcasing Zita painterly floral designs.

Zita-Elze Design Academy Romance At Barnsley photo: Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-007_wmThe ceremony area flowers were designed by the students working as a team in a palette of soft pinks and creams with lavish amounts of delicate foliage. Each of the florists had created a set of personal flowers including the bridal bouquets shown here. The reception area dwelt on blue, lavender and rich pink tones with touches of red introduced, notably by voluptuous peonies hand crafted by cake designers extraordinaire, Cakes by Krishanthi. Her creations included a dramatic 5 tier cake featuring exquisite detailing, including her signature perfectly formed flowers and a series of dainty tea cups cleverly rendered in sugar, as well as macarons and flower embellished cupcakes. Another exceptional wedding designer, Intricate Creations, contributed the finely crafted bridal stationery. This included delicate and detailed fold out invitations, colourfully composed menus and the most ravishing save the date cards, all created in keeping with the day’s floral theme, with sophisticated dashes of gold to highlight their eminently artful cutout designs.

Zita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_Intricate Creations Low-Res-098_wmWithin the reception area each floristry student had focused on a key area, with So Jung Yoon designing the garland on the cake table; candelabra to the right with purples and pinks by Hyerim Sohn; to the left with blues and lavenders by Hee Young Yang; large white container arrangement by Soo Min Cha; gold tea pot and tea cup designs by Jiyoon Paik; and the spectacular pair of pedestal arrangements another group collaboration.

Props from Zita Elze, GreatHire and Jones Hire. With thanks to everyone involved with the project including New Covent Garden Flower Market, VV Rouleaux and the fabulous events and weddings team at Barnsley House.

Photography © Catherine Mead

Zita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-016_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-004_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-009_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo-Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-006_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-013_wmZita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_Intricate Creations Low-Res-018 c_wmZita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_Soo Min Cha Low-Res-087_wmZita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_Intricate Creations Low-Res-094_wmZita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_HeeYoung Yang Low-Res-020_wmZita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_HyerimSohn Low-Res-032_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Cakes by Krishanthi Low-Res-065_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-064_wmZita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_Cakes by Krishanthi Low-Res-052_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Cakes by Krishanthi Low-Res-050_wmZita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_Cakes by Krishanthi Low-Res-046_wmZita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_Cakes by Krishanthi Low-Res-047_wmZita-Elze_Catherine-Mead-Photography_JiyoonPaik Low-Res-076_wmCopyright: Catherine Mead Photographywww.catherinemead.comcatherine@catherinemead.comZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Intricate Creations Low-Res-058_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Intricate Creations Low-Res-039_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Intricate Creations Low-Res-062_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Intricate Creations Low-Res-063_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-041_wmZita-Elze_Design Academy_Romance at Barnsley Advanced Wedding Design Masterclass 2018 photo Catherine-Mead-Photography_Low-Res-106_wm