City Chic Christmas

City Chic Christmas

City Chic Christmas 2500 1531 Zita Elze Flowers

It’s traditional greens and reds outside the Kew flower shop this year, with a twist of Zita-style city chic. A pared down display showcases a neat row of planters with Christmas trees minimally adorned with a mix of fabulous faux and crunchy fresh red apples.

Zita Elze Flower Shop Christmas photo Julian Winslow LP-11_wmJuxtaposed with this understated elegance, a table is laden with hand picked festive decorations and an ever-changing selection of luxurious wreaths and candle arrangements, ready to embellish every corner of your house.

Zita Elze Christmas table photo Julian Winslow LP-24_wmOn your way in, brush gently past an extraordinarily delicate textured arrangement in soft natural colours – mosses, foliage, pine cones and flowers, layered like the finest of paintings into a vast circular container – the stuff of dreams.

Zita Elze Christmas flower arrangement photo Julian Winslow 1544_wmOnce inside enjoy more clever blending of the very best of fakes with the sweet scented opulence of the real thing: reds, purples and dashes of yellow with gold and pockets of greenery.

Zita Elze Christmas photo Julian Winslow LP-41_wmIn the room at the back an ethereal blend of muted tones whispers magic in soft silvers and earth tones interspersed with the sparkle of crystal candle holders. A fairy tale mantelpiece beckons, illuminated by a simple wooden star, with evocative florals and feather light dried foliage garlands tumbling airily down.

Zita Elze flower shop Christmas photo Julian Winslow 1579_wmLate 2018 marks the reopening of Zita’s internationally celebrated flower academy following a complete makeover and the launch of dozens of new classes.  The Christmas shop displays feature some of the original work of current students Yeon Gyu Kim (floral chandelier) and Lisa Kent (embellished basket shade).

Zita Elze Flower Academy Christmas workshops photo Julian Winslow LP-55_wmVisit the dedicated website to view and sign up for the last few festive season workshops with Zita and 2019 classes in London and Seoul.

Check the Shop pages for details of Christmas flowers and wreaths or contact us about bespoke orders. If you’re in London pop over the Kew Gardens and say hello!

Photography © Julian Winslow

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