Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day 2020

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Stay safe and stay well! Zita Elze staff are all COVID-19 AWARE – our shop is regularly cleaned according to UK Government guidelines and all our orders are mindfully and hygienically prepared and packed.

It seems that it has never been so meaningful to send flowers – recent global events suggest that we could all do with cheering up!

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Mother’s Day is on its way too so we’ve assembled some very special bouquets for the precious mother figure in your life. Take your pick from just a small selection in the gallery.

Drop into our light-filled flower shop in Kew Gardens to share the sweet scent of floral love and choose from our seasonal beauties or order online or by phone.

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With a wonderful array of early spring colours, from pops of yellow and flushes of pinky reds through to the subtlest pastel blues, peaches and creams or a fanfare in every shade in between, there is something for everyone.

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You can always ask us to create an original arrangement – Zita Elze’s expertise and talent lies in all things bespoke. We also have a beautifully curated selection of luxury gifts, gorgeous potions and lotions, including Fikkerts’ natural creams and oils, and every type of container from tiny vases through to large urns, many planted up with spring bulbs. Let us surprise and delight you and your mum. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Photography © Carin Thakrar Photography

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