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Krishanthi Armitt, an award-winning creator of bespoke and luxury cakes and a talented sugar flower sculptor of world renown, first met Zita in 2014.

james merrell 14624-036-She produced some stunning designs for Zita’s Sleeping Beauty wedding display at that year’s Bride The Show exhibition.

Zita Elze BTS 14 James Merrell 9461 c 2_wmThe whole stand, masterminded by Zita in her inimitable style, won the top prize, the Editor’s Gold Design Award.

Zita-Elze-Aashni-Wedding-Show-2019-pic-Julian-Winslow-LP-29_wmSince this first creative collaboration, Krishanthi and Zita have worked many times together, notably for events such the Aashni + Co Wedding Show. As Zita says, “we really understand and admire each other’s aesthetic approach and expertise.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-85_wm(1)I think this is because we share a connection to nature and flowers especially, their delicacy and their sculptural boldness, as well as the floral palette – it’s a visual language that we both love.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-8_wm(1)I find that Krishanthi’s interpretation of my design concepts is in tune, whether for a bridal event, Valentine’s Day or an exclusive fashion show – like me she always creates something new and original.”

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-14_wm(2)In a recent meeting at the ZE Design Academy about a future event, Zita mentioned how fascinated she was by Krishanthi’s technique and her exquisite handiwork.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-16_wmKrishanthi suggested that she could bring some teaching materials to the flower school in Kew and share some of her methodology with Zita.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-5_wm(2)“Zita and I have a deep mutual respect for each others’ craftsmanship and creativity, which made our session fun and relaxing.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-9_wm(1)We have known each other for years and have worked alongside on a number of cake designs for various events.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-10_wm(1)I loved teaching Zita how to make a rose.  As a fabulously talented floral artist she has a natural eye for details and roses are one of the less complicated flowers to make, so a good starting point.

I prepared the rose cone and the wire prior to our class.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-28_wm(4)Zita then learnt how to work with flower paste, kneading, colouring and rolling it out thinly.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-33_wm(4)She then cut the rolled out paste with rose cutters in various sizes.

 Zita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-48_wm1.jpgThe petals were veined and thinned individually.

Zita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-27_wm1.jpgVeining gives the petals a natural and realistic look.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-47_wm(1)The next stage involved attaching individually prepared petals to the rose cone.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-24_wm(1)The centre is built first then the petals are gradually opened and curled so that they appear to unfold naturally.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-26_wm(2)The semi dried petals are dusted with edible colours and left to dry.

Zita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-64_wm2.jpgZita also learnt how to prepare and cut a calyx.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-41_wmAfter softening the edges and attaching the calyx it too was dusted with colour.

Zita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-55_wm4.jpgThe finished wire was taped tightly in, in this case using white florist tape which was coloured in green.”

Zita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-68_wm3.jpgThis informal class was such a success that Zita and Krishanthi plan to run a Cakes By Krishanthi workshop at the ZE Academy later in the year.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-6_wm(4)Keep an eye on the courses page or join the mailing list, at the base of this page, to be kept posted.

Zita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-51_wm2.jpgThis will probably take place in the autumn once the wedding season has quietened down following the busy summer months.

Zita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-53_wm.jpgVisit Krishanthi’s website for more information relating to her artisan cakes.

Zita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-57_wm(4)Photography, except where watermarked © Fiona Caroline

Zita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-61_wm1.jpgZita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-65_wm1.jpgZita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-69_wm1.jpgZita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-72_wm4.jpgZita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-74_wm1.jpgZita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-78_wm.jpgZita-Elze-Cakes-by-Krishanthi-FCP-ZE_SF-83_wm2.jpgZita Elze Cakes by Krishanthi FCP-ZE_SF-89_wm(4)