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New Natural Christmas

New Natural Christmas 1024 683 Zita Elze Flowers

“Nature has always been at the heart of my work and this year the connection seems more vital than ever. My Christmas 2020 palette celebrates the symphony of greens, soft golds and vibrant reds in our local winter landscape.” Our unusually clement weather has left wisps of sunshine coloured leaves…

Melodies of Spring Floral Aisle 2015 1343 Zita Elze Flowers

Melodies of Spring Floral Aisle

The soft greys and golden haze of winter’s shadow melting into the bright metallic hues and pale blue skies of the new season suggested the focus for the final Melodies of Spring floral master class project. Students worked together to create a naturalistic aisle installation which evoked the textures and tones of a signature inspirational…

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ZITA ELZE SEOUL MASTER CLASS 2019 Melodies of Spring Flower Class 2-366
Melodies of Spring II 4480 6720 Zita Elze Flowers

Melodies of Spring II

Day 2 of Zita’s special Seoul Master Class, Melodies of Spring, focused on real flower embroidered handbags, bringing one of her most popular classes alive with a special sprinkle of magic. Zita shared the inspiration and expertise behind her famed floral embroidery technique using an assortment of flowers and other plant materials. The beautiful little…

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ZITA ELZE SEOUL MASTER CLASS 2019-168_wm(2)_resize
Melodies of Spring Seoul 2687 1791 Zita Elze Flowers

Melodies of Spring Seoul

A live update from the Space B-E Gallery and the sweet floral notes being dreamt up in Melodies of Spring, a five-day special master class with Zita which is currently running in Seoul. Students are in the midst of discovering some of Zita’s creative secrets and fine-tuned floristry skills using the dreamiest selection of locally…

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Zita Elze Flower Academy Taehee Kim Advanced Wedding Design Master Class 3926
Minimalist Oriental Wedding 4104 2736 Zita Elze Flowers

Minimalist Oriental Wedding

We’re floating back to 2017 and to Taehee Kim’s final project for the Advanced Wedding Design Master Class. Kim was especially keen to enhance her floral styling skills for photo shoots, with a view to developing her career as a creative director. Her clear vision delivered a wedding set which was strong on concept, mood…

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Zita Elze Aashni Wedding Show 2019 at the Dorchester, London - wedding flowers and interior design by Zita Elze, pic Julian Winslow LP-33a_wm
Aashni Wedding Show 2019 2500 1147 Zita Elze Flowers

Aashni Wedding Show 2019

We were thrilled to be back at The Dorchester for this year’s gathering of Indian and Neo South Asian fashion glitterati, Aashni + Co’s 5th Wedding Show. Zita’s latest awe-inspiring design created an extraordinary aura of calm in the luxury hotel’s ballroom, playing with the historic interior’s pastels and golds through natural strokes of painterly…

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1 Zita Elze Flower Academy, Kew Gardens, London photo: Julian Winslow LP-65_wm
New Year, New School, New Classes 4235 1497 Zita Elze Flowers

New Year, New School, New Classes

We thought we’d start the year by giving you a little taste of the new ZE Flower Academy, all dressed up for a fresh class. Following an extensive revamp in 2018 we’ve improved all the facilities allowing for an even smoother flow, with the same internationally acclaimed teaching. All content is geared to all levels…

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Zita Elze flower shop Christmas photo Julian Winslow LP-35_wm
City Chic Christmas 2500 1531 Zita Elze Flowers

City Chic Christmas

It’s traditional greens and reds outside the Kew flower shop this year, with a twist of Zita-style city chic. A pared down display showcases a neat row of planters with Christmas trees minimally adorned with a mix of fabulous faux and crunchy fresh red apples. Juxtaposed with this understated elegance, a table is laden with…

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Zita Elze Flowers RHS Urban Garden Show pic Julian Winslow LP22_wm
Greening The Dream 2500 986 Zita Elze Flowers

Greening The Dream

Zita’s evocative installation for the RHS Urban Garden Show, Lindley Hall, Westminster, in October, was inspired by the evolution of city living in the 21st century. From grey space to green space concern for the environment and sustainability is now centre stage worldwide. With square footage also at a premium, especially in urban settings, the…

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Zita Elze Floral Art Cube Victoria BID London Design Festival 2018 LG9A2845
The Floral Art Cube 2677 1784 Zita Elze Flowers

The Floral Art Cube

Flashback to the Floral Art Cube which graced Westminster Cathedral Piazza for London Design Festival in September, in association with the RHS and Victoria Connections, the Business Improvement District in Victoria, London. Zita’s installation responded foremost to the concept of a city square – a place to meet, reflect and relax – by way of…

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Zita Elze Flower Academy Jihye Choi Allium Cepa Blog 9140_wm
A Chef’s Wedding Story 5472 3648 Zita Elze Flowers

A Chef’s Wedding Story

We were excited to have Jihye Choi join us for a trio of courses including floral embroidery, hand-tied bouquet and the Advanced Wedding Design master class which is shown here. Drawing on her culinary roots Choi selected the common onion, otherwise known as allium cepa, and wooden bowls as her key design elements. Colours were…

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Zita Elze Flowers RHS Plant Art Fair 18 pic Julian Winslow 2 Lo-4754_wm
Fantasy Pollination 2000 1333 Zita Elze Flowers

Fantasy Pollination

The lyrics and poetic melody of Cole Porter’s popular late Twenties hit ‘Let’s Do It’ inspired Zita Elze’s second installation for the RHS in her role as London Floral Artist in Residence 2018. As a florist and garden designer Zita is very much in tune with the life cycles of plants and the crucial part…

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Zita Elze Design Academy Advanced Wedding Design Sungim Ju ng photo Lucie Kerley 39
Botanic Love 1620 1080 Zita Elze Flowers

Botanic Love

Inspired by a single sculptural stem with leaves and guided by her choice of key flowers, roses and peonies together representing beauty, Korean floral designer SungIm Jung has created the most evocative of settings for an imaginary wedding. She concentrated on the soft tones and textures of the flowers, suffusing her background palette in leafy…

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