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Zita Elze’s wedding designs are theatre at its purest – immaculately conceived, perfectly scripted, organised down to the finest detail, inspired, individual, heartfelt and always breathtakingly beautiful. Services range from the simplest – wedding flowers, bridal bouquets and buttonholes – through to venue decorations, tailor made living embroidery gowns and accessories as well as entire event concepts. The focus is on translating your dreams into a reality which you hadn’t quite fully imagined.

The wedding team is friendly, approachable, professional, passionate about detail as well as the big picture, and dedicated to achieving perfection.

This is your celebration: “I love working closely with my brides, absorbing the mood and emotions they wish to convey, then recreating these with flowers and other decorative effects.” Zita Elze

Each wedding is approached as a unique personal experience with original concepts and flowers hand-picked for optimum aesthetics and quality.

Zita’s award-winning floral arrangements are at the heart of every wedding design. She is sensitive to the bride and the groom’s wishes, her talented interpretations never failing to translate into memorable and enchanting visions on the day.

The bridal bouquet is arguably the most important element for every bride, reflecting her personality, style, wedding colours and theme. It is often charged with symbolic meaning referencing a treasured memory, favourite colour or scent, or a family tradition.

The initial consultation with the bride covers her outfit, the season, venue and other significant elements of the wedding. Zita draws on these personal aspects to approach the design process with reverence and art. Her inspired and sensitive creations can also include breathtakingly beautiful headpieces, veil trimmings, bridesmaids’ bouquets and groom and attendants’ buttonholes.

Venue decorations may follow a similar theme or explore other avenues. The choice is always yours.

Designs can be delivered throughout the UK and overseas.

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