Four Seasons Hampshire Wedding Showcase

Four Seasons Hampshire Wedding Showcase

Four Seasons Hampshire Wedding Showcase 1699 1134 Zita Elze Flowers

The Zita Elze team had a busy day at the elegant and well-appointed Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire on Sunday, taking part in their luxury wedding showcase.

Zita created a dramatic opening avenue for the show, illuminating the glass link corridors with candles. The central octagonal room was transformed into a fairytale setting with a soft, ethereal feel created using sculptural trees hung with floating garlands of skeleton leaves softened at the base with pools of fine sand. The result was a tranquil, serene space layered in white, ivory and nude tones. Bridal bouquets, posies and wedding table flowers reflected Zita’s customary attention to the finest detail and featured spray roses, skeleton leaves, astrantia, wax flowers and astible.

A second avenue of light led to the main show with two further displays highlighting Zita’s versatility and signature style: naturalistic, emotive, romantic, artful and always sensitive to the bride and groom.

We were joined by Tatsuya Shirai, an exceptional photographer and garden designer whose first images of the show are published here:

“It was a great pleasure to work with Zita and her team. Her work is so sensitive and delicate as well as adventurous. Each piece seems to whisper to me, as if it had its own story to tell, drawing me into Zita’s creative world.”

Photography © Tatsuya Shirai

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