Press: The Daily Telegraph

Press: The Daily Telegraph

Press: The Daily Telegraph 1000 1500 Zita Elze Flowers

  Read the British Flowers Week round-up from June, with extensive press coverage, notably in Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Gardens Illustrated, The Florist and blogs including Flowerona. Delighted to see ‘Shadows’ in The Daily Telegraph.

Alongside the floral gown created for BFW was ‘Painting With Flowers’, dubbed ‘an artist’s garden in a vase’. A delicate incarnation of Zita Elze artistry in the finely embroidered base of scabious pods with cloud of trailing moss and briza, and the arrangement itself, a subtle yet spectacular array of grasses with larkspur, delphinium, salvia, scabious, nepata, cornflower and ox-eye daisy.

British flower and foliage bouquets remain available for delivery nationwide.

Photography © Julian Winslow for New Covent Garden Flower Market

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