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Following her 4 week stint at the Zita Elze Flower Academy earlier this Summer we were delighted to have the opportunity to interview floral art student Shilbe Lim.

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 146_wmWhich course or class did you take at the Academy? “I took the Summer 4 Week floristry course in July and the Wedding Design Advanced Master Class in my final week instead of the usual Bridal Week. So it all lasted 4 weeks. It was my first time learning with Zita. She was recommended to me by a lovely florist friend, Daisy (flowers.by.daisy).”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 77_wmWhat were the highlights for you? “I loved how Zita taught us to rely on our emotions and subconscious to give us cues to design. Even when I struggled, Zita was always very supportive and positive, which gave me the confidence to bring to life beautiful pieces that touched the heart. I loved that her classes are really heartfelt and emotion based.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 96_wmDid you have a special reason to choose this class? “For the Wedding Master Class, I really wanted to understand the design process on a bigger scale, from concept design to sourcing and finally execution. Her process made so much sense to me and it made me realise why I was struggling so much prior to coming to Zita.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 114_wmDid you have a special reason to choose Zita as your teacher? “Daisy felt that Zita would be a good match for me and I trusted her recommendation completely. I also visited the blog to read the interviews with her students and felt that it was aligned to what I needed to progress in my floral journey.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 83_wmWhat do you think taking the class has given you for the future? “It has paved the way to a new perspective and approach to flowers and now the possibilities of what I can do are endless. I am so excited for what’s to come and I owe this to Zita! Thank you so much Zita!”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 121_wmWhat are your future plans with floristry and working with flowers? “I really enjoy styling and would love to arrange flowers for editorials and space styling as well as focus on intimate weddings.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 121_wmDid you give your Wedding Design Advanced Master Class final project a name? “Yes, it was entitled ‘Heuchera’.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 84_wmWhat was your inspiration? “Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the blind was my initial inspiration. Her name Lucy means ‘light’. I was immediately drawn to this idea of ‘seeing the light’ as I was struggling to find my voice in the floral world and desperately wanted to find an answer to that struggle.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 99_wmWhat were your chosen colours for the project and did you have a special reason to choose them? “The palette was inspired by some heuchera leaves that were outside the academy. I love heuchera and I feel that the colours and tones are somehow representative of me. I am quite drawn to darker elements within my works.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 129_wmDid you want to share a special mood or emotion for the project? “There was a sense of calm and lightness that in hindsight was a perfect reflection of me after having been through this journey with Zita. This represents me to the core, from the design inspiration to the final result and I am so happy with it. It was magical.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 103_wmWhich flowers did you choose for the project and did you have a special reason to choose them? “I picked allium, palm fruit, grasses, ferns and heuchera. I’m naturally drawn to unique elements in my work, and perhaps it was my subconscious calling them to me because even after I chose the elements, I had no idea that I would create what I did. I guess that is the magic!”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 134_wmIs there anything else that you would like to add? “Coming to Zita’s was the best decision I have made since starting my floral business and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to connect to floral art on a deeper level.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 105_wmTo round off the interview we asked Zita what her thoughts were regarding Shilbe and her creative designs: “It was such a pleasure working with Shilbe. She is extremely talented, pays great attention to detail and her styling was so gentle and magical. I am so glad to hear that I helped to inspire her. I hope to see her again soon and wish her all the best for the future.”

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 115_wmFind out more about Shilbe Lim’s floristry work via her website and Instagram pages. To check existing and new courses at the Zita Elze Flower Academy, please visit our dedicated website. You might also want to join our mailing list – there’s a link on every page.

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 106_wmWith special thanks to Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium for the wedding cake and cupcakes.

FCP_Zita Elze Flower Academy_July19 113_wmPhotography © Fiona Caroline Photography

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