Golden Fusion

Golden Fusion

Katharina joined us for Bridal Week last autumn, in between 2020’s lockdowns, and we’re delighted to share her inspirational floral project as we reopen to students in 2021.
We’re looking forward to welcoming you back, travel permitting. Please be assured that the ZE Flower School is observing all UK government advice for C-19, as is the flower shop of course.

Girl holding an apricot and brown color flower bouquet

This was Katharina’s first time at the design academy. Having worked for a number of years as a florist her experience had primarily encompassed sympathy flowers. 

“I was looking for a wedding design course and I found Zita’s Flower Academy. The pictures of arrangements on her website were so stunning and looked so special. I knew I had to visit her class to learn these techniques. It gave me a lot of inspiration and the chance to create personal and individual wedding flowers for a very special day.”

Dark mode style flower decorations
Dark mode apricot and brown clour dried flowers bouquet

The real highlight for Katharina, reflecting on the completion of her final project, was the whole process of creating a concept in advance. 

“I wasn’t sure at the beginning what the project would be like at the end. I was lead by Zita through the first steps and by talking and seeing the project grow, the inspiration came to me by itself.”

Flower crown from different angles

Woman wearing a flower crown holding a bouquet 

She chose apricot, orange and warm brown tones, adding that, “Before I started the course I wasn’t expecting to work with so much dry material. But the flowers were exactly the colours I was looking for and it turned into a really unique composition that I could never have imagined before. Zita’s training was a great experience. It was always exciting and I enjoyed every single moment of the week.”

Woman with a flower crown and arms holding a bouquet

Zita really enjoyed the class too: “It was lovely getting to know Katharina. Although we were in strange circumstances, between pandemic lockdowns, we had a lovely week together at the academy. It’s very exciting to be able to revisit her project just as I look forward to returning to teaching, at long last. I’m so happy to be sharing Katharina’s beautiful work and in these tricky times especially, I wish her every success with her brides and grooms’ flowers as well as their wedding and event decorations.”

flowers details on wooden surface

Visit Katharina’s Instagram
page to view more of her creations.

Photography © Carin Thakrar Photography


dark mode photo with flowers