A Chef’s Wedding Story

A Chef’s Wedding Story

We were excited to have Jihye Choi join us for a trio of courses including floral embroidery, hand-tied bouquet and the Advanced Wedding Design master class which is shown here. Drawing on her culinary roots Choi selected the common onion, otherwise known as allium cepa, and wooden bowls as her key design elements. Colours were then suggested by onion peel tones, with the addition of brown and gold.



“I really liked the wedding flower master course. Zita’s teaching focused on creating concepts, which made me more insightful. I think this course will help me to be more creative in the future. I think I will also apply what I’ve learnt in other areas of work. I was planning on using the knowledge in the food industry, but I also hope to have a chance to work in floristry. And the class has helped me to understand the world of art, as well as what I like and how I think.” 

Jihye Choi, 2018


“I found Jihye Choi’s choice of project really interesting. I really love working with chefs – they approach floral design from a completely different angle. In Choi’s final presentation, I love the blend of textures and the mix of fruit and vegetables. The onions worked really beautifully! I hope to see Choi in Seoul next year and look forward to finding out what she has been up to.” 

Zita Elze



Check the new Zita Elze Flower Academy pages with many fresh courses for Autumn 2018 onwards. Visit Jihye Choi’s Instagram page.



Photography © Minjoo Son