Melodies of Spring Floral Aisle

Melodies of Spring Floral Aisle

The soft greys and golden haze of winter’s shadow melting into the bright metallic hues and pale blue skies of the new season suggested the focus for the final Melodies of Spring floral master class project.


Students worked together to create a naturalistic aisle installation which evoked the textures and tones of a signature inspirational snap taken by Laura Elze. This captured a softly sculpted sea of dried hydrangeas set against the structured city skyline of Seoul. Transformed by the sun’s glowing light, with each fresh dawn, spring tiptoed in.



“It was so lovely to see our week culminate in this wonderful creative collaboration between my students. Team work is so important in floristry. Delivering large scale concepts to a fixed time scale and budget is always a challenge and being able to work under pressure and with a common vision is essential. Along with the many skills that were shared in the previous days’ and this master class, the students also learnt to dovetail and value each other’s creativity to produce a grand finale of which they can be truly proud.”


With thanks again to Daisy Bhang who was so instrumental in making this series of master classes such a success. On Day 5 she was kindly assisted by Yeongyu KimSojung YoonEunji Park and
Sungim Jung.


Visit the students who worked on this beautiful floral finale on their Instagram pages, with congratulations to all: Gu Do YoungKim JungheeChang Ha RheeKwanghee LeeJoo So Young, Jin Jung Mi, Yoonkyung Choi, Han Ji Seon, Yoonkyung Choi, Youjung Song, Hong Yun Sun and Connie Tse.



A special mention to past ZE Flower Academy students who joined a celebratory tea party: Jiyeon TaeNamhee KimYounghye YeoHeesun KimMinjung WooJi One JeonJiyeon KimYoungson SongSohyun Lee and  Jiyoung.


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Photography © Momosoie