Melodies of Spring II

Melodies of Spring II

Day 2 of Zita’s special Seoul Master Class, Melodies of Spring, focused on real flower embroidered handbags, bringing one of her most popular classes alive with a special sprinkle of magic.



Zita shared the inspiration and expertise behind her famed floral embroidery technique using an assortment of flowers and other plant materials.

The beautiful little evening bags were sourced by Zita in various antique markets around London. Students picked out their favourite, gaining their initial inspiration from the existing shapes and patterns of the assorted bags. They then created their individual embroidery concepts on the back of their bag, leaving the front in its original state.




“I love the results from this class. Floral embroidery really allows each student’s innate creativity to shine, in this case in direct response to the design of each evening purse. At the same time, students were able to demonstrate their new found skills. A great class which we all enjoyed!”



Follow the Day II students’ progress on Instagram: Kim Junghee, Nam Eun Joo, Jungwon MoonJoo So Young,  Jin Jung Mi, Yoonkyung Choi, Han Ji Seon, Hong Yun SunPumhyun Hong, Youjung Song and Connie Tse.


Photography © Momosoie